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Let's face it - job hunting can be frustrating. Especially if you aren't getting call backs from the jobs you want. 

Resume writing is intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. That's why I'm here to help. It's the bridge between you and a new position, maybe even your dream job. Your resume has mere seconds to catch a hiring manager's eye, that's why the resumes I build are concise, comprehensive and eye catching. It can be difficult to translate everything you do in your current position onto paper, especially if you look at the day-to-day tasks as insignificant, but a new employer may very well see these functions as a huge asset to their team!

As both an experienced Senior Recruiter with extensive history in Retail Management, I have endless experience sifting through resumes, searching for ideal candidates to interview. I know what hiring managers are looking for. I also have my four-year degree in English with a focus on writing and editing. 

I have a discerning eye with words and can expertly take your job history and qualifications and craft a resume that will catch someone's attention. 


 A comprehensive and concise resume is what you need. From resumes to cover letters to LinkedIn profiles, Resumes Refreshed is here to help!

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I've always enjoyed crafting resumes. Since the day I graduated college, sat in front of my laptop and thought to myself, how the hell does this work? As soon as I started writing, it was second nature to me. It requires the art of condensing multiple accomplishments and job histories into a comprehensive piece of writing to intrigue hiring managers. As both a recruiter and a retail manager, I have been on both sides of the hiring table. I know what managers and hiring personnel are looking for in potential candidates and how to navigate ATS systems to get you past the automated systems. I look forward to working with you!

Take the first step towards your new career!

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